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Interior lining material: imported medical liquid silica gel.
Float mask features:
180 ° Beautiful sea view
You will see more beautiful scenery than ever before. A carefully designed and modified HJKB mirror provides you with the best non-distortion visibility and maximum vision.
Respiratory system:
Our K2 one-way(outside) circular breathing separates the snorkeling mask, mechanically isolates the exhalation and inhalation, and the inhalation enters from the double breathing tube. The exhaled carbon dioxide and the remaining oxygen that is not sucked into the body flow out from the outside of the mask, respectively. To isolate carbon dioxide from the body and cause life-threatening accidents.
Circular natural respiration
HJKB snorkeling mask allows you to breathe through the nose or mouth in the water. Breathe smoothly,(independent exhaust one-way valve to ensure that no exhaust gas, sufficient oxygen. ) We think this will help you focus on the pleasure of snorkeling and not be affected by the device.
Leakage prevention
The silicone liner is durable and can form a comfortable waterproof seal, no leakage, and three waterproof mechanisms to make it safer to wear. (The I-shaped waterproofing of the border, the 50-degree waterproofing of the exhaust pipe spiral, and the heavy waterproofing of the exhaust pipe with a deep-diving one-way valve) can easily discharge the water. For your snorkeling tour.
100 % fog prevention
The latest design of the snorkeling mask fog film: can be up to 15,000 hours of fog protection effect, there is no fog to prevent the exploration of the underwater world.
Advanced adjustable double elastic comfort belt system can ensure that you can enjoy several hours of snorkeling while enjoying the best degree of compatibility and comfort.
Design and quality
Through continuous improvement and practice, our design can provide you with perfect compatibility and comfort, and optimize the length of the breathing tube to allow you to obtain the maximum air flow; Our optimized mirror shape provides unbeatable underwater visibility. HJKB does not compromise. We only use high quality silicone and injection molding technology to produce our snorkeling mask.
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